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  1. Avatar Peyton Cunningham says:

    Thank you so much Ms. Joan for all you have done for me! You are the reason I love to dance and feel the most myself on stage. You taught me how to express myself in the most beautiful way possible and I am forever grateful. Thinking of you, Peyton Cunningham (Hailey sends her love, too!)

    • Avatar Carissa says:

      I feel the same way, Peyton. Miss Joan means the world to me. She needs all of us right now to remember how much she gave each of us. Thank you for your contribution!

  2. miss joan’s talent, superb training and generosity
    gave us the benefit of hiring her extraordinary dancers for our productions throughout the years. having access to her studio made rehearsals so convenient for all of us.
    we were also privileged to hire miss joan’s beautifully costumed and choreographed ensembles for many of our productions.
    miss joan was a wonderful resource for us and our company.

  3. Avatar peggy brown says:

    Please give Joan a big hug for me and I wish her the best. How is she doing? God be with her. Peggy

  4. Avatar Charles Watkins says:

    I also had business in Lake Park and knew this very fine lady. My wife suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease,and of course I was very touched when reading about these difficult days that Joan is going through.

    Thank you for the love and care you give this dear lady. May God grant you a blessed life.

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    As the care giver of my mother with Alzheimer’s, I cried while reading the article in the Palm Beach Post this morning. What you’re doing is so selfless & amazing. Bless you.

  6. Avatar lori houchin says:

    Though I never met Joan, I spent my youth dancing and loved my teachers. The story in the Post today touched me. My father has alzheimer’s and I know first hand the challenges Carissa faces. It is admirable that Carissa is paying back in such a gracious way. I hope that others will donate to the trust so that this wonderful woman can live the rest of her days with the dignity she so deserves. Thank you Carissa for inspiring us all to do for others when the opportunity presents itself. God Bless.

  7. Avatar Laurie Dean says:

    Carissa – I never met Miss Joan but your generosity inspired me donate a small amount. Such a thoughtful gift you – and many others are offering your dear teacher – much love to you.

  8. Avatar Dawn Donigan says:

    Carissa Kranz is my hero. Just her total understanding of giving back and her connection to doing the right thing is something that I marvel at and honestly, it restores my being on many levels. Every one of Ms. Joan’s students should give something.
    Carissa Kranz’s mother should count her blessings on raising such an extraordinary person and expect many wonderful things to come her daughter’s way.

  9. Avatar Eilleen Dempsey says:

    I took ballet from Miss Joan in the early years. I was never very good but I yearned to be as graceful as Miss Joan and some of her star pupils. I bought Dance Magazine and longed for the day when I would be allowed to go on point. Thank you Miss Joan. Today I watch my granddaughters twinkle and spin in front of their mirrors. I hope that they someday have such a dedicated teacher as Miss Joan..

  10. Avatar Keith Kuhl says:

    For Jess Patty- and all the students Miss Joan helped, not only in dance but shaping them into adults. I was given most of my training free, from my teachers due to their love of dance.
    Paying it Forward.

    Your dedication is admirable Carissa… Full standing ovation from me!!
    Keith Kuhl

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