— $900/year — medication (Axona is a high cost drug). This does NOT include other medication co-pays.

— $70/month Nicotine patch (slows progression and possibly even repairs cognitive damage)

— OMEGA 3 oil vitamins (slows progression and increases cognitive function)

— Publix or Walmart or Costco gift card –groceries

— toiletries (she has no shampoo and conditioner, needs new toothbrush)

— hair needs to be cut and colored, nails need cleaning up

— other prescription medications have a co-pay

— eye glasses (she is nearsighted)

— Dental work. She has cavities and needs a cleaning. Medicaid does not cover these things. They just want to pull her teeth out.

— Caregiver hours…

The list goes on. I’m working with Medicaid and Social Security to cover most of her other expenses.

— Pull Ups (about $100/month Medicaid is now covering)
— Phone line (Life line wireless phone with limited minutes for emergencies covered by Medicaid)