57 Years of Excellence!!! (1956-2013)

 Joan dancing

As the news broke that the Palm Beach Ballet Center closed its doors…our hearts broke. We had so much passion to rally and then we didn’t. We need to rally this time because Miss Joan needs us in her “retirement.”

Miss Joan should not be in a nursing home facility — indefinitely — with 4 people to a room, on lockdown, staring at a ceiling all day in a hospital-type bed, surrounded by a bunch of half-dead people in wheelchairs because she is broke on medicaid.  What a waste of immense talent and an incredible life. Now, more than ever, it is time for us to honor Miss Joan’s service and world class artistry with a proper thank you — we need to figure out a way for her to retire with dignity.  She is not ready to be placed in a nursing home facility.

We are her only family….only we can change her situation. 

Without our collective help, Miss Joan will waste away (and decline quickly) in this facility — she already is.  She was robbed of her dignity, her love and passion, her home, her studio, her many animals and even her name — the nurses refuse to call her by her preferred name of “Joan” — they call her “Emily.”  What a cruel thing to do to someone with Alzheimer’s who is already forgetful. Her legal name is “Emily Joan Miller.”

While Miss Joan’s impeccable memory is no longer on “pointe,” she cannot afford for our memories to fail her too.  Since Miss Joan has been in the nursing home she has had all of about 5 visitors since January…..

If everyone could whatever you can,  I will personally ensure Miss Joan ends up with the best care we can afford and — a place she can call home.

I will do all the “leg work”… just help by giving what you can….Miss Joan was too special for us to turn a blind eye after she paid us so much attention!

With Love,

Carissa Kranz

6 comments on “57 Years of Excellence!!! (1956-2013)

  1. Avatar Jacquelyn Elder says:

    Ms. Joan gave me the foundations that have allowed me to be the dancer that I am today and for this I will forever be grateful! She is an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and generous woman. I only hope that each one of us can step up and reciprocate even a tiny amount of what Ms Joan gave to us!

  2. Avatar Jessica Patty says:

    I am devastated to hear this news. She made me the dancer, performer and woman I am today. The discipline and passion she passed on to me is priceless. I will do everything I can to help. She gave me and so many others so much. Time to give back.

  3. Avatar John Koterba says:

    We have filmed Miss. Joans shows since the early 90s and was always amazed that her shows were always of professional quality. She has done so much for teaching others to get to a higher level. If you are reading this you understand what I mean.
    Jo and I have all the videos from those shows and will be visiting her and presenting them to her. I am sure she will be entertained.
    May God Bless Her Always.
    John & Jo.
    Lightning Videos.

    • Avatar Carissa says:

      Thank you, Lightning Videos! Miss Joan watches these DVDs everyday. It is soooo good for her! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  4. Avatar Peggy Petrino says:

    So sad and tearful to hear of our beloved Miss Joan’s plight.
    I’ve known her since she was a young girl in her first ballet studio where I enjoyed years of adult ballet classes. From the first time meeting her, I knew she was an extraordinarily talented artist and ballet teacher. She had a way of bringing out the best in her students. Both of my daughters studied successfully under her from very early ages of 4 and 5. I’ve lost touch with her over the years and am shocked to know how things have turned out for her. I am so thankful to you Ms. Kranz for so kindly caring for her. Please tell her hello for me. My daughters are April Petrino Wieselberg and Paula Petrino Busenbarrick. I am happy to support your efforts on her behalf.

  5. Avatar Paula Petrino Busenbarrick says:

    Thank you Carissa! I had no idea this was happening. I was so sad to hear that the studio closed a couple of years ago, and now this. My sister April and I danced with Miss. Joan since we were 3 and all the way through our high school years. We both danced professionaly and owe it all to her! I have spread the word and look forward to a brighter future for our “second Mom”. Carissa, you are an angel – Thank You!

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