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Lightning Videos agreed to help digitize “The Wall.”  Please contact us if you’d like to buy your Wall of Fame Board to benefit Miss Joan in her retirement.

Miss Joan (1963)

Miss Joan (1963)

Carissa Kranz — Wall
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Jill Nicklaus/Moffitt and dancers

Wall of Fame

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  1. It was such a pleasure to see my beloved teacher once again, sad to know that she is declining, and happy to know she has a champion who has taken on the responsibility of caring for her in this time of need.

    To Carissa, I owe these words.

    Lives of students and teachers cannot remain in a parallel track forever, tis the nature of life itself. The experiences in our young lives mold our future. We spend copious amounts of time together, studying, dedicating our lives to the craft of dance and performance, but in the end, as a dancer, one must develop beyond that of her first mentor, or be content to live in her shadow. And really, does she want to contain any one person from a world of possibilities beyond her own humble existence? She gave me a platform on which to spring forth.

    Not every heart is as pure as Miss Joan’s in the role of Artistic Director. Though there are many who may disagree, I know this statement to be true. It is also as I strive to be. We, meaning Miss Joan and I, live in minds that can conceive movement, music and mass direction. We are finicky about the minor details. We are artists where others lack vision, inspiration, and patience. Small victories are not celebrated; they are acknowledged and encouraged, but out-right praise is hard to come by. Discriminating tastes and thriftshop keenness, there is no limit to the value of the breath of dance in which this one woman instilled in me.

    I vowed many years ago to continue to visit as was humanly possible-however my now-life is enriched by a family, children, students, and communities both near and on a global scale, all whom depend upon my interactions, thus making my wish to travel a burden upon those humans for whcih I am responsible. Otherwise, I’d be by her side.

    I dreamed one day of being the one to which she passed her studio. But, that day, sadly passed. Perhaps its was the moment she shared the intense responsibility it was to dedicate one’s life solely to the practice of her art. I might have actually followed that path had I insisted in staying home another year instead of going away to college, yet I do not regret the education, it has served me all the same…perhaps hindsight is the 20/20 version of our ideal situation or at least we wonder with certain longing what the outcome may have been.

    Lesson learned and applied with great care.
    Mix in strong belief in the union of marriage and family that will not detract from our purpose on earth and you have the dancer and teacher I am today.

    I can offer you my words in support of her cause.
    Host a benefit and I will make a point to generously offer myself in dance.
    I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance. I wish you well, everyday, dear Carissa.
    Love to you.

  2. Avatar Tommy Batchelor says:

    I would like to buy my Wall of Fame Board to benefit Ms. Joan

  3. Avatar Paula Petrino Busenbarrick says:

    The bottom picture was taken after we made a commercial for The Great American Hair Company in the mid 1980’s. It was filmed in an alley in West Palm Beach and featured from the top left to right:
    Paula Petrino, April Petrino
    Bottom left to right:
    Michelle Justice, Jill Moffitt
    The commercial included ballet dancers and break dancers – very cutting edge and original, MTV type commercial. Great memories!

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