If you want to see Miss Joan — contact me through the website or on Facebook.  ~Carissa Kranz

Happy New Year 2015!


December 2014. NUTCRACKER. Miss Joan attended 3 three this Season. Miami City Ballet, Ballet Palm Beach, and Jupiter. She helped me rehearse Sugar Plum to perform in Jupiter.

November 2014. ESTATE SALE before foreclosure. Please stop by. 625 6th Court, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. I’m saving many things to sell at a tribute for her down the road, but there is still much left behind in the home and we need it out or the bank gets it. Hope to see you!

October 2014.  All of Miss Joan’s videos from the last 57 years are gone — along with the Palm Beach Ballet Center. Few videos were found laying around her home. Lightning Videos gave Miss Joan archives of her own performances. Now Miss Joan can enjoy her life work.

Koterba giftKoterba more videos

Lightning videos is also: 1) converting MORE old VHS tapes to DVDs; and 2) helping me organize and scan mounds of newspaper articles and pictures in Miss Joan’s house to memorialize her legacy.  Thanks John and Jo Koterba!!    ~Carissa

October 2014. Miss Joan attended the Jupiter Dance Academy Gala and Ballet Palm Beach’s production of Giselle.

October 2014. A really COOL thing happened. My AC broke (so maybe not so cool). Anyway, AC getting fixed by 2 guys — unrelated — one guy in his late 30s and the other in his 60s — they saw ballet pics and started talking about their dancing Moms and Sisters, one of which even danced with the Joffrey Ballet. As they were leaving I asked, where did they train? They BOTH said Joan Miller. Not only were they shocked at their in sync response, as if they didn’t know they shared that commonality, but they were doubly shocked when I said, “this is Joan.” They couldn’t contain themselves. Both handy men started recounting their childhoods at the studio, recitals, and all the nights they hung out in her lobby waiting for rehearsal to finish. They quickly got on the phone to share the news – which wasn’t so cool (because it was hot!) — Moms and Sisters cried and now plan to visit her!!! Two random guys and two totally different generations. Same story!!! It was an incredibly COOL thing to witness. And, yes, my AC is working again!!  ~Carissa

October 2014. Miss Joan and I are cleaning out her home and finding all sorts of memorabilia. This meant a lot to me.   ~Carissa

A diary entry from Miss Joan.

From Miss Joan.

July 2014, Miss Joan moved in with ME and Kitty Sugar.

Stacey Downs, Kurt Putzig, Joan Miller, Carissa Kranz, Sugar. Photo Courtesy: Carla Lewis Location: Carissa's home

“My Gang” — Miss Joan                                                                                                         Stacey Downs, Kurt Putzig, Joan Miller, Carissa Kranz, Sugar (cat).
Photo Courtesy: Carla Lewis

I got her into the Medicaid “waiver” program, which has been a GIFT! She has caretakers coming into my home 5 hours a day — she is getting the loving, tender care she DESERVES. The aides give her medication, cook her meals, help her shower, help her exercise, take her to doctors, do her laundry, and give her the attention she so desperately needs to stay stimulated and WELL! She has an emergency cell phone, an emergency button she can press to call the paramedics on her wrist if needed, and a huge flat screen TV to watch her old dance productions.

Miss Joan's bedroom.  Location: Carissa's Home

Miss Joan’s bedroom.

Veron in the kitchen cooking Miss Joan dinner. Meow! Location: Carissa's Home

Veron in the kitchen cooking Miss Joan dinner. Meow!

Miss Joan and my cat after nursing home discharge. I took her home for the weekend. She needed some real TLC after living in a depressing ward-room-nursing home-hospital for 6 months.

After nursing home discharge.

Miss Joan and my cat after she was discharged.

May 2014 — Miss Joan is at a nursing home — allowed out only 4 hours a day … but she STILL teaches!

swan pics1    Swan pics     Jupiter Courier - June 2013


Miss Joan Rescues A Red Ant On Mother’s Day 2014.  Can We Rescue Her? Click below.